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Wrede Stad Teasers – January 2022


Wrede Stad Teasers – January 2022

Monday 3 January 2022
Episode 46

Agah has his hands full and decides to put Seniz on house arrest. Cemre puts her life-saving skills to the test. Will this win her points with the Karacay family?

Tuesday 4 January 2022
Episode 47

Cemre and Cenk fight to keep up the pretence of their “happy” marriage while Seher struggles to keep hold of the sensitive footage but all of this is thrown out of the window when Ceren commits her gravest act to date.

Wednesday 5 January 2022
Episode 48

Ceren’s dirty secrets finally come to light thanks to Seher and the dynamics of the mansion are flipped upside down.

Thursday 6 January 2022
Episode 49

With a new hope to hold onto, Agah starts preparing Nedim for his future and promises to discover the truth of what’s happening under his roof.

Friday 7 January 2022
Episode 50

Honeymoons never last long in the Karacay household. Can Cemre convince Agah her marriage to Cenk isn’t a sham? Or will she be ripped from Nedim’s side again?
Monday 10 January 2022
Episode 51

As Cemre battles to keep up the facade of her marriage, Cenk questions her about her feelings for Nedim. As Agah’s suspicion towards Seniz grows, how far will we go to find answers?

Tuesday 11 January 2022
Episode 52

The Karacay show down begins. While one starts to uncover secrets, the other realises she could be in trouble. This begs the question, what will happen to the Yilmaz?

Wednesday 12 January 2022
Episode 53

Ceren gives Cenk a call and lets her secrets slip, not knowing that Cemre answered the phone. What will the aftermath be?

Thursday 13 January 2022
Episode 54

Cenk realises he only has a few options left before the results come out, Civan catches Ceren in the act, and Cemre comes to a horrible realisation.

Friday 14 January 2022
Episode 55

Today’s the day that Agah gets the test results. The Yilmaz family are shaken by a voice message.
Monday 17 January 2022
Episode 56

The DNA results are out but the aftermath destablizes everyone’s relationships. While Seniz makes a move. Nedim starts walking. And will Civan and Dalma end before they can begin?

Tuesday 18 January 2022
Episode 57

Agah’s pushed to the edge when Neriman and Ceren give him a surprise visit. Meanwhile, Damala is left to contemplate her true feelings for Civan.

Wednesday 19 January 2022
Episode 58

Cemre and Cenk attempt to finalise their divorce, but Cenk gets a surprise at the courthouse. When Agah finds out about this surprise, he plans a celebration for the couple in question.

Thursday 20 January 2022
Episode 59

The festivities die down when Seniz tries to find a way to ease her pain permanently. Nedim makes a shocking appearance. Now that he can walk, will Cemre be his crutch?

Friday 21 January 2022
Episode 60

Nedim’s return home sparks more fear than joy in the Karacay family. Now that Cemre’s married to Cenk, what does this mean for her relationship with Nedim? Is revenge on top of his list?
Monday 24 January 2022
Episode 61

Nedim has he first dinner with the family but it’s hardly the happy reunion everyone wanted.What will Ceren do once she finds out about the impending divorce?

Tuesday 25 January 2022
Episode 62

Cenk and Seniz wonder whether Nedim will plan on getting revenge. Seniz puts her plan to get Agah back into action.

Wednesday 26 January 2022
Episode 63

Nedim makes his first move in his revenge plan and gets into Cenk’s and Ceren’s heads.

Thursday 27 January 2022
Episode 64

Everyone’s still searching for Damla. Neriman uses the chaos to her advantage. Nedim asks Cenk a question that shakes him to his core.

Friday 28 January 2022
Episode 65

The day has finally come for Ceren’s baby’s gender to be revealed. Yet, all excitement fades as Nedim takes it as an opportunity to kickstart his revenge scheme.
Monday 31 January 2022
Episode 66

Nedim continues to shock his family as he navigates his way through his new life, but how far is he willing to go? How much more can Cemre take to help him?
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