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The Insolent Heart Teasers – December 2022

Friday 26 November 2021

Episode 1

The gorgeous Meher and the charming Abeer made their debut together. Theirs was a smashing first appearance in 2015.

This is the intense and passionate love story of rockstar Abeer and his new boss, Meher. The opening episode shows the bitter relationship of the two former lovers.

Episode 2

Meher reminisces, thinking about the time she spent with Abeer. Kabir tries to mock Abeer as Meher, now, is the CEO of his company.

Meher refuses when her mother asks her to leave the job, while Abeer apologises to his mother for his misbehaviour. Abeer decides to welcome Meher to the office.

Saturday 27 November 2021

Episode 3

Meher and Abeer confront each other at the board meeting. Abeer returns her gift, which she had presented to him earlier. Abeer proves his fan-following as he performs on a solo number and bids goodbye to the channel!

Episode 4

Abeer bids goodbye to his fans and announces his resignation. Satish is shocked and tries to convince Abeer, but fails. Meher accepts his resignation and rebukes him. Abeer gets offended and changes his decision.

Sunday 28 November 2021

Episode 5

Abeer decides to add spice to his show. He plans to reveal his love story on the show. Meher warns him but he refuses to listen to her. Meher’s aunt calls Malhotra, Abeer’s father, and warns him about Abeer. Later, Malhotra reprimands Abeer for visiting Meher’s house.

Episode 6

Meher is tense about Abeer revealing his love story on air. Abeer tricks her and shares his love story, without revealing her name. Meanwhile, Suman meets Madhavi, Abeer’s mother, hoping that Abeer and Meher would reconcile someday. Abeer warns Meher saying that he would make her life miserable.
Monday 29 November 2021

Episode 7

Nissar and Meher cherish their college days, while Abeer and Sasha meet after ages. Sasha meets Meher at her office and asks her to attend a get-together that Abeer and Nissar would be attending too. On her insistence, Meher attends it. Abeer recalls his past with Meher.

Episode 8

Meher and Abeer think about their past. Abeer shows concern for Meher. Meanwhile, Tunnu supports Abeer who wants to become a singer. Meher plans to give an opportunity to Nissar, but Nissar declines the proposal. Abeer overhears their conversation.

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Episode 9

Abeer accuses Meher of influencing Nisar. Meher tells Abeer that his music teacher, Elton, has passed away.

Abeer visits Elton’s grave and helps his family members with some money. He breaks down recalling Elton and then thanks Meher for helping Elton.

Episode 10

Meher reminisces about the times spent with Abeer. She thinks about her days at college. Abeer calls Meher and asks her to not tell anyone that he cried.

Meher’s brother, Tarun, comes to meet Abeer, looking for work. Meher laughs seeing Abeer panic, when the lift stops working.
Premiere episodes of The Insolent Heart air on Star Life at 22h00 and 22h30 from Mondays to Sundays.


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