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List of Courses Offered Natural Resources Development 2022/2023


Official List of Courses Offered at Natural Resources Development Admission– Full List

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Are you looking for a list of Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses available at University of Lusaka ? The following is the list of available courses/programs offered at the University of Lusaka that has gained accreditation.

HOW TO CHECK Natural Resources Development COURSES OFFERED

checking and downloading Natural Resources Development Courses is as simple as ABC.  kindly navigate to the Natural Resources Development Official Website

Navigate to Courses Menu, access the course/ programs details then logout. We have more info for you below about the Courses offered by colleges and universities in Kenya


below are courses offered by colleges and universities in Kenya gladly brought to you 

  • Bachelor of Education in Computer Science and Mathematics (Computer Science and Mathematics)
  •  Bachelor of Education in Business and Mathematics (Business and Mathematics)
  •  Bachelor of Education in Business and French ( Business and French)
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Technical and Professional Communication (Technical and Professional Communication)
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Transformation (Peace and Conflict Transformation)
  • Diploma in Chemical Dependency and Addiction Counselling (Chemical Dependency)
  • Bachelor of Science in Records Management and Information Technology(Records Management)
  • Certificate in Biointensive Agriculture (BIA)
  • Diploma in Biointensive Agriculture (BIA)
  • Certificate in Pension Audit and Accounting (Pension Audit and Accounting)
  • Certificate In Custody of Pension Assets (Custody of Pension Assets)
  • Certificate in Pension Fund Investments (Pension Fund Investments)
  • Certificate in Management Information System Skills (Management Information System Skills)
  • Diploma in Marine and Port Security (Marine and Port Security)
  • Diploma in VIP Protection (VIP Protection)
  • Diploma in Fingerprint and Biometric Technology (Fingerprint and Biometric Technology)… read more at www.zabestinfo.com

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