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Lingashoni 2 Teasers – July 2022


Lingashoni 2 Teasers – July 2022

Wednesday 1 June 2022
Episode 43

Seipati is caught in a lie when her lover is invited to a family dinner against her knowing. Sarah makes a public embarrassment of himself. Japan seeks a new adventure that could ruin Poppy’s life.

Thursday 2 June 2022
Episode 44 

Seipati’s carefully concealed secret is brought to light and threatens to destroy the Cele family. Sarah puts her freedom at risk. Japan’s actions put Poppy’s newfound success in jeopardy.

Monday 6 June 2022
Episode 45

The sun sets for Seipati and Gagashe as their secret comes to light in a gruelling manner. Robert gets is verdict. Poppy starts a new journey.

Tuesday 7 June 2022
Episode 46 

Mandla demands answers from Seipati about her cheating. Robert goes to celebrate his victory without Sarah. Japan plots to sabotage his sister.

Wednesday 8 June 2022
Episode 47

The Cele home starts to crumble faster than anyone can do anything about it. Robert enjoys freedom while Brenda believes Poppy is their saving grace.

Thursday 9 June 2022
Episode 48

Puleng and Seipati finally teach each other that long-awaited lesson, and a serious beating. Gagashe and Mandla come face to face after the incident. Robert sets the motions to right his wrongs.

Monday 13 June 2022
Episode 49

Tables have turned after years of having Seipati cry for Mandla to choose her. In his drunken state, Mandla gets an unexpected visitor. Robert pushes Mpumi to do his dirty work.

Tuesday 14 June 2022
Episode 50 

A desperate Mandla tries his final move in order to convince Seipati not to leave. Robert comes to blows with Mrs. Chauke. Phakade and Tebatso come face to face with each other, again.

Wednesday 15 June 2022
Episode 51 

Secrets come out of the closet as Seipati is forced to make a big change. Robert threatens to expose the movement.

Thursday 16 June 2022
Episode 52 

Mandla wakes up to a new reality, and tension rises when bitter enemies are forced to share the spotlight. Sarah has a night she’ll never forget. Tebatso and Phakade reach a compromise.

Monday 20 June 2022
Episode 53

Mandla and Puleng are in a bad place while Seipati lives it up with another surprise from Gagashe. Sarah refuses to go to rehab. Poppy, Brenda and Japan want a fresh start.

Tuesday 21 June 2022
Episode  54 

Without Seipati, the Cele house starts to fall apart faster than they imagined. Sarah and Robert come to a huge blow. Poppy’s life is taking a turn for the better.

Wednesday 22 June 2022
Episode 55 

Robert pushes Sarah to a point of no return, and she ends up in another man’s arms. Mandla struggles to keep his family intact. Poppy makes a shocking discovery at Danko.

Thursday 23 June 2022
Episode 56 

Robert pushes Sarah to a point of no return, and she ends up in another man’s arms. Mandla struggles to keep his family intact. Poppy makes a shocking discovery at Danko.

Monday 27 June 2022
Episode 57 

Mandla turns to an enemy for help. The Nondumo sisters are here to sort Sarah out. Poppy investigates Blue’s source of extra income.

Tuesday 28 June 2022
Episode 58

Mandla realizes it won’t be easy to solve his financial troubles. Sarah has more skeletons in the closet for the family. Tebatso and Poppy admit to liking each other.

Wednesday 29 June 2022
Episode 59

Mandla makes a deadly discovery that could ruin a lot of lives. Sarah is trapped in the closet. Robert sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday 30 June 2022
Episode 60

Mandla finally has an upper hand on Papi and makes a shocking demand in return for his silence. Sarah fears that her secrets will be ousted. Brenda isn’t impressed by Poppy’s choice of boyfriend.

Premiere episodes of Lingashoni air on 1Magic from Mondays to Thursdays at 21h30.


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