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Fenix Teasers – July 2022


Fenix Teasers – July 2022

Wednesday 1 June 2022
Episode 17

Cemre takes a step closer to attaining her freedom, Ali gets curious about Tomris’ daughter, and Kenan’s last resort is to pay a visit to Ruya’s very own prince charming.

Thursday 2 June 2022
Episode 18

Omer, Ozan, Ruya and Cemre band together to bring down Celebi and Iskender. Has Celebi underestimated them one time too many or will he get out of this situation too?

Friday 3 June 2022
Episode 19

Cemre pushes down her pride when Ruya and Kenan come asking for help. Celebi thinks that it’s time he sent Omer and Ozan a message.

Monday 6 June 2022
Episode 20

Cemre and Ruya learn more about what it’s like to have nothing, and Cicek does all she can to save Ali.

Tuesday 7 June 2022
Episode 21

While Cemre plays Celebi at his own game, Tomris and Cicek sacrifice Bulent to protect the ones they love, and Ruya finds she can’t hide her feelings forever.

Wednesday 8 June 2022
Episode 22

Omer’s attempt to help Ozan almost costs him his life. Meanwhile, Tomris and Cicek go to extreme lengths to get rid of Bulent.

Thursday 9 June 2022
Episode 23

After Iskender gets stabbed, Ruya and Cicek work hard to clear the guilty party. They manage to cause someone guilty of other crimes to take the fall.

Friday 10 June 2022
Episode 24

Cemre awaits her fate, Atlas starts a fire, and Bulent finally tells Ali what’s been on his mind leaving Ali with more questions than ever.

Monday 13 June 2022
Episode 25

Cemre finally gets her mental health report results back from the hospital. Ozan takes extreme measures to get a loan, and Ali gets closer to the truth.

Tuesday 14 June 2022
Episode 26

Celebi finally has Cemre where he wants her, and Cicek finds Ali. Will Cemre find a way to escape, and will Ali ever be able to forgive Cicek?

Wednesday 15 June 2022
Episode 27

Out of options Cemre and Ruya turn to Tomris for help. But as the latter comes through for them, Celebi puts her between a rock and a hard place.

Thursday 16 June 2022
Episode 28

Cemre discovers something that will set her free. Cicek panics as she can’t get hold of Ali, and Tomris looks for help to unlock the truth.

Friday 17 June 2022
Episode 29

While Cemre celebrates finally having something to use against Cebeli, Cicek grows frantic and terrified when she realises Iskander has Ali. How far will she go to save him?

Monday 20 June 2022
Episode 30

After all of Altan’s journalists leave, Ozan, Omer and Ruya work hard to get his newspaper out. In doing so, they put Iskender back in the hot seat.

Tuesday 21 June 2022
Episode 31

Iskender faces the repercussions of the article released about him. Cicek makes a bold move to get Ali back, but will it make her lose her leverage over Iskender?

Wednesday 22 June 2022
Episode 32

Iskender’s plan to protect his reputation is set in motion. Tomris is desperate to protect her big secret. What will happen to Ali after Cicek’s bold move?

Thursday 23 June 2022
Episode 33

Ruya and Cicek finally reunite. Bulent and Celebi team up to go against Tomris. Cicek calls on Iskender for help, and Cemre reaches breaking point.

Friday 24 June 2022
Episode 34

While Cicek tests her new confidence. Cemre gets her first cooking experience. And Ruya is convinced that Omer is hiding something from her.

Monday 27 June 2022
Episode 35

A clue helps Ozan and Omer find the jackpot. Taner pays Tomris a visit to get some answers, and Tomris backs Celebi into a corner.

Tuesday 28 June 2022
Episode 36

The lovebirds, Omer and Ruya are a topic of discussion, while Cemre goes to court to end her marriage. The walls are closing in on Celebi from all directions.

Wednesday 29 June 2022
Episode 37

The Kayabeylis plot against Kenan and Ozan, while also trying to play Tomris. On the other hand, things are looking up for Omer, Ruya and Cicek.

Thursday 30 June 2022
Episode 38

Iskender tells Ruya something that shocks her. Omer finds himself in trouble with Ruya, and Ozan decides he needs to be more realistic.

Premiere episodes of Fenix air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.


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