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DiepCity 2 Teasers – April 2022


DiepCity 2 Teasers – April 2022

Friday 1 April 2022
Episode 260
Season 1 finale!

The heist is off to a good start but then the unexpected happens and Mgedeza and his crew have to either escape, face prison or die. A surprise arrival happens in time of need at the Jeles but is about to make matters worse for them.
Monday 4 April 2022
Episode 1
Season 2 premiere!

Thandiwe finally comes home after being held at the police station for questioning.

Tuesday 5 April 2022
Episode 2

Thandiwe decides to completely cut Nox off. The girls have to get their story straight for the police.

Wednesday 6 April 2022
Episode 3

Mgedeza fights for his life in hospital but the worst is before him. Nox tells Thandiwe a truth she can’t handle.

Thursday 7 April 2022
Episode 4

Mgedeza is brought back to life only to find he temporarily paralyzed. Thandiwe finally shows Nox motherly love.

Friday 8 April 2022
Episode 5

Mgedeze’s day of reckoning is upon him. Nox has a high price to pay for her pact with Thandiwe.
Monday 11 April 2022
Episode 6

Mgedeza breaks down in prison. He learns the hard way that in jail he’s nobody. Bonga and Thandiwe have a huge fight about Nox.

Tuesday 12 April 2022
Episode 7

Mgedeza is terrorized in prison by Mbazo. Nox decides to stop wallowing in misery as she tries to get her life back on track.

Wednesday 13 April 2022
Episode 8

Mgedeza is out of his cell for a day but he gets news that brings him to tears.

Thursday 14 April 2022
Episode 9

Mgedeza is trapped and helpless. Nox contemplates turning her back on the Ama Wrong-Turns and it hurts.

Friday 15 April 2022
Episode 10

Things are falling apart for Mgedeza, despite Maureen’s efforts. Nox has a painful decision to make about her future.
Monday 18 April 2022
Episode 11

Mgedeza is woken up with cold water poured in his face and the warden advises him to give into Mbazo’s treatment but Mgedeza’s desperation is fueled.

Tuesday 19 April 2022
Episode 12

Lerato prepares to smuggle the phone. Thandiwe berates Nox for not following the rules.

Wednesday 20 April 2022
Episode 13

Myambazo delivers the message from Mgedeza as the guys prepare to set it off.

Thursday 21 April 2022
Episode 14

Maureen is made to empty the till and Ngcobo takes all the money. Nox makes an impression on Nomaweni, much to Zoe’s annoyance.

Friday 22 April 2022
Episode 15

Mbazo tortures Mgedeza and his craving for a cigarette increases. Mbazo’s guy, Stix, offers Mgedeza a packet of cigarettes and this time because of all the stress, Mgedeza takes it.
Monday 25 April 2022
Episode 16

Lerato urges Maureen to open the tavern and get over her trauma. Mgedeza is attacked by a prison gang for stabbing Mbazo and dragged around the courtyard on a blanket.

Tuesday 26 April 2022
Episode 17

Lerato lies to Maureen when she asks if all is well with Mgedeza. Mgedeza asks the Nurse to help him break out and she is shocked.

Wednesday 27 April 2022
Episode 18

Mgedeza tells Maureen about his prison break plan. Asanda arrives at the prison entrance dressed like a church lady.

Thursday 28 April 2022
Episode 19

Lerato is about to sit down for morning coffee when she gets a call from Mgedeza. Maureen tells Lerato Mgedeza’s plan to break out of prison and how worried she is.

Friday 29 April 2022
Episode 20

Maureen packs her bags and EJ’s clothes, she is emotional as she looks around the house one last time before leaving. Lerato and Asanda wait outside the exit point tunnel door where Mgedeza was meant to come out.
Premiere episodes of DiepCity air on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.


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