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Arendsvlei Teasers – June 2023


Arendsvlei Teasers – June 2023

Monday 1 May 2023
Episode 125

Anthony accidentally drops to Rachel that the school inspector called a staff meeting at Arendsvlei. Gertie suggests Lennie takes in a tenant and Beatrice encourages Saartjie to get help with her addiction.

Tuesday 2 May 2023
Episode 126

Anthony finally draws a line in the sand against Rachel. Beatrice and Thys are stressed about the inspector’s report. Lionel and Janice try to help Lennie, but is he ready to accept help?

Wednesday 3 May 2023
Episode 127

Rachel tells a health inspector that there is a cockroach infestation at the school, but things don’t turn out as she expects. Tanner and Eva are deeply in love but must start facing the harsh reality of life.

Thursday 4 May 2023
Episode 128

Tanner contrives to get him and Eva food. Saartjie makes progress in her battle against her drug-abuse problem. Ivan surprises Judy with a new strategy. Rachel continues with her underhand methods to undermine the school.

Monday 8 May 2023
Episode 129

Anthony is happy when the apple of his eye returns home. Bianca still blames herself for Saartjie’s situation and Judy challenges Cassandra in public.

Tuesday 9 May 2023
Episode 130

Lionel advises Lennie to stay busy. Judy decides to be more flexible about her five year plan. Daniel meets Sonia’s circle of friends. The Cupido’s are impressed by Adam.

Wednesday 10 May 2023
Episode 131

Eva and Tanner’s adventure gets a dark, dangerous twist in the tale. Adam hears about the bet, and becomes interested in Judy. Daniel is on a high after Sonia’s party, but it affects his relationship with Beatrice.

Thursday 11 May 2023
Episode 132

Adam fishes for information about Judy and admits he is interested in her. Sonia blurs the line between her work and personal relationship with Daniel. Adam questions Anthony about his parents’ relationship.

Monday 15 May 2023
Episode 133

Beatrice is shocked by Rachel’s new plan to cut costs. Amanda and Simone are surprised by Judy’s opinion of her and Ivan’s date-night. Sonia’s influence over Daniel grows.

Tuesday 16 May 2023
Episode 134

Anthony and Rachel have a big argument while Rachel thwarts another one of Beatrice’s plans. Daniel finds a new place to stay. Adam opens up to Judy.

Wednesday 17 May 2023
Episode 135

Beatrice sits in on the online classes and is shocked by what she discovers. Bompie discovers Lennie’s Achilles Heel. Sonia advises Daniel on his friendship with Saartjie.

Thursday 18 May 2023
Episode 136

Beatrice fights back against Rachel, but Thys is worried about the consequences for the school. Bompie tries to get into Lennie’s good books, but Langes doesn’t trust him. Daniel sees him and Saartjie’s relationship in a new light.

Monday 22 May 2023
Episode 137

Beatrice calls an emergency school meeting to inform the learners about the new developments. Langes confronts Bompie for manipulating Lennie. Saartjie is troubled by how much Daniel talks about Sonia.

Tuesday 23 May 2023
Episode 138

Desmond leaves Rachel confused about their future. Rachel gives Beatrice surprising news. Anthony admits to Lionel he got nowhere when he spoke to Adam about his homophobic attitude. The tension between Langes and Lennie reaches a breaking point.

Wednesday 24 May 2023
Episode 139

Langes thinks Bompie is putting on an act for Lennie. Bianca wants everything to be perfect for Saartjie’s return and Daniel is processing his feelings after the dinner they had with Sonia.

Thursday 25 May 2023
Episode 140

Anthony confronts Rachel about her affair with Desmond, after he finds out how dangerous he is. Bompie has an emotional collapse when Lennie reports back on his visit with Galant. Sonia and Daniel start seeing each other again.

Monday 29 May 2023
Episode 141

Anthony finds information about Rachel and Desmond’s plans against the school, but what will he do with it? Bompie confronts Lennie about his promise. Saartjie is worried about the influence Sonia has on Daniel.

Tuesday 30 May 2023
Episode 142

Anthony is struggling with his conscience and wants to come clean but things don’t go the way he hoped. Lennie is not sure whether Bompie is who he seems to be, and fishes for some other opinions. Daniel has Sonia and Saartjie over for dinner and things get a bit uncomfortable.

Wednesday 31 May 2023
Episode 143

Rachel and Adam are shocked when they hear about Anthony’s suicide attempt. Bianca gives Saartjie advice after Saartjie admits that she was disappointed when Daniel only had eyes for Sonia the previous evening.  Kaptein Karelse and Yvette give Lennie new insights on Bompie.

Arendsvlei airs on kykNET & Kie from Mondays to Thursdays at 19h30.


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